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Friday, June 6, 2008

DIY "Shootsac" update: neoprene lens holder

I finally received my neoprene totes. I could tell right away that the pockets were too narrow to fit my lenses. They do hold a six pack of Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade rather nicely though. =)

As you can see in the picture, the tote has six pockets-three on each side. I decided to use a seam ripper and take out the pocket seams. This was pretty quick and easy to do. This left me with one big pocket on either side of the divider panel. Using thin fishing line and a large sewing needle, I then sewed each side into two pockets.

This gives me room for four lenses. I really only need space for two and my filter case since this isn't meant to house all of my gear, just what I take shooting.

It is hard to photograph because of all of the extra material on the top flaps, but here is what it looks like with my 50-200mm and my 18-55mm.

I think I will try tacking down the flaps. I would like to be able to remove some of the neoprene at the top and then resew the edge, but my sewing machine is acting up right now. It looks like there is a ton of space around the lenses, but they are secure and really don't have too much wiggle room once they sink down into the pocket. They are easily removed. I just slipped the whole thing into the back pocket of the messenger bag where a laptop is supposed to go. It fits nicely and has room on the side for my filter case (a repurposed Craftsman needlenose tool case). I probably would not fill all four pockets. It gets a bit clunky and your bag might now stay flat against your body. I think three would be fine because they will sort of adjust and line up.

I am actually loving my bag. I have been taking it everywhere. I like that it has a little extra room for a couple of diapers, a wallet and even a built-in padded pocket that happens to fit my flash perfectly. I also have a zipper pocket on the outside of the back and a holder for my sunglasses. I love that It is sort of a purse, camera bag, and diaper bag all in one. I always hated taking a zillion bags around with me when I am out shooting with the kids. Even with a few extra items in it, I am finding it very comfortable to wear across my body and move around in. It is lightweight and pliable so it sort of molds to my body. It is a little roomier than a Shootsac, which I needed. For about $12 total, you can't beat it and I get a matching camera strap as a bonus!


Kim said...

Wow, your bag looks great! I went to an arts festival last night and just took my cam and one extra lense in those water-bottle holder things I got and it worked out perfect. I loved not toting my big bag around. thanks for keeping your process updated.

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hi Regina (Lexi), what a great idea; very clever reuse/do over.
Peace, Judi


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