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Monday, November 10, 2008

Orton Effect tutorial for Photoshop Elements

There are several actions available to create the Orton Effect on a photo, but most of them are for Photoshop. Here are some simple instructions for creating this look with Elements.

1. Open the image to be Ortonized.
2. Create 2 new, identical Layers of the image (right click and select duplicate layer).
3. On New Layer 1, set Blending to Screen, Opacity to 100%.
4. On New Layer 2, set Blending to Multiply, Opacity to 100%.
5. On New Layer 2, apply Gaussian Blur Filter, adjusting the opacity to taste.

You can also add an extra screen layer made from the background layer to brighten up the darker areas if needed.

Here is a shot taken out at Oxford Farm before applying this method:

Here is the same image with the Orton Effect applied giving it a more dream-like quality:


Chell said...

great tutorial... One of these days I am goign to try this..


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