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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Glass Marble Magnet Photo Gifts

I found another photo-related craft that looks pretty simple to do-marble photo magnets.

You will need a few basic supplies:
Photos-have them printed or print at home
Flat glass marbles or stones (I used the ones marked Jumbo about 1" in diameter)
Strong magnets
Glue that dries clear (I use Elmer's non-wrinkling rubber cement)
Circle paper punch or a steady hand. =)

1. Print out photos - You can use a Kodak Picture Maker machine and select mini prints. You can fit 9 photos on a 4X6 inch sheet. These will be the perfect size for the marbles. You could also make your own 4x6 with the photos at home in Photoshop and then have it printed at a local lab. If you print at home, make sure the ink is smudge proof or it will smear when the glue is applied.

2. Punch out the pictures with the circle punch or trim to desired size if your stones are more of an oval shape like the ones I used.

3. Use the rubber cement brush to brush on a thin layer of glue on the back side of both the marble and the photo. Press together making sure to press out any air bubbles. Allow it to dry.

4. Add your magnet. I used the magnet strips that have adhesive on the back. You just cut to size, peel off the white paper and attach.

Six of these will fit in an Altoids tin that you can decorate for a unique, inexpensive, handmade gift for teachers, friends or family. I used metal gift card tins easily found at places like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. They are already decorated on the outside and there are many designs to choose from.

Here are some examples:
(ETA: I added an updated post with our finished examples. You can find it here.)


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Got here from your most recent post - thank you for sharing - these magnets, and your instructions, look great. Ones the holidaze are over I will give it a try.

Peace, Judi

--sme said...

Lexi, these are great--I really want to try them. Did you try any on regular paper or just photo paper? I'm wondering how it will work with just a nice cardstock....

Thank you for sharing your images, too...this is going to be a fun project!

Regina (Lexi) said...

Thank you. I used photo paper, but my kids used images from the newspaper and magazines, I don't see why you couldn't try some pretty cardstock.


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