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I'm going to try firing up the blog again for 2016, especially the nature/landscape side of things. It is in desperate need of a redesign so I will be working on that while shooting for KSTV. Unfortunately the slideshows on older posts have been disabled by flickr. You can find all of my work in my gallery.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tulip Garden Vignettes

Lexington Cemetery III

Lexington Cemetery II

Lexington Cemetery I

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The early bird gets the...good light. =) Had the whole tulip garden to myself for more than an hour in the early morning light. It was so peaceful and such a beautiful morning. You have to get there before all of the portrait photographers descend on the garden. It gets crowded quickly.

It is rare to be alone in the tulip garden. I loved the quiet calm before a busy day of soccer, baseball and yard work. I did share the morning with a few friendly robins and a couple of Canadian Geese. ;)

The red tulips were among the first to bloom and were battered by cold temperatures and a couple of windy storms.

Another shot of the foot bridge. Added a Glow action to this one for more of an ethereal feel.

I found this conjoined pair and must have taken 25 shots of them. I thought they were so romantic and graceful joined at the stem. I was shutter-happy and took over 500 images over my two visits. I rarely have time to shoot these days with all the remodeling and the kids' schedules in full swing. I never know if I am going to get back there so I just shoot everything. I officially have a sickness. =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring has arrived in Kentucky...Finally.

I took a little time away from the painting and remodeling to venture down to the tulip garden and my internet has been down since. It looks like everything is fixed for the moment so I thought I would share a few shots from the Lexington Cemetery.

I think I have shot this little footbridge from every possible angle over the past few years.
I was chasing after two of my kids and had my infant nephew to look after so I shot fast and ran. Shot them all in auto mode which I haven't done in a very long time. Now I see why. ;) I hope to beat the portrait photographers down there early tomorrow morning and enjoy the solitude without the kids. I must say that while the garden looked beautiful, it did not seem nearly as spectacular as last year. I noticed less variety and some of my favorites were missing from this year's design. I'm sure the economy probably played some role in that.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

I was so busy moving that I missed the prime week for the cherry trees, but fortunately I was able to get down to The Lexington Cemetery for a quick stop before the storm moved in and probably destroyed the blossoms.

It was so bright out. Two words: circular polarizer! I always forget about using it, but it was very helpful in the bright sunlight so the blossoms didn't get totally washed out.

Some of the tulips in the garden were blooming, but the majority of them were still closed up. With the cooler weather we are supposed to get, it might be a little longer until they are in full bloom.

Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms II

Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Wild Animals Attack

It was definitely mating season at the Zoo. This lioness kept a close eye on the other female below. She finally crept down the steps and jumped her from behind. The roaring was so loud and rumbled the ground. The power of it was incredible. They fought a couple more times before she finally took her place beside the male, happy she held off her rival for the moment.

Voicing her obvious displeasure over seeing the other lioness take her place at the side of the male.

Even the Peacocks were putting on a display hoping to get a little attention.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day at the Lousiville Zoo

We took a much needed break from all of the unpacking to take a trip to the Louisville Zoo. The weather was perfect and the zoo was alive with the sights and sounds of mating season. =) The lions and lemurs were especially feisty. Here are a few shots from our day:


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