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I'm going to try firing up the blog again for 2016, especially the nature/landscape side of things. It is in desperate need of a redesign so I will be working on that while shooting for KSTV. Unfortunately the slideshows on older posts have been disabled by flickr. You can find all of my work in my gallery.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Old Kentucky Home

I feel so blessed to live in Kentucky where I can take a short drive and see beautiful scenes like this one.

"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. ~Arabian Proverb"


LiaL said...

Awesome picture! Love the colours!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

WOW! That is just beautiful! Would love beautiful framed large!

Regina (Lexi) said...

Thank you for your kind comments. The sad thing is Pam, I hardly ever print up my own photos. I have a bunch of empty walls here in the new house that I have promised myself I am going to fill with my own photos for a change. =)

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Your welcome!

I would love to have some huge pictures printed for my place, the biggest I have framed are 11x14's in my bedroom! Both are of my bird! lol


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