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I'm going to try firing up the blog again for 2016, especially the nature/landscape side of things. It is in desperate need of a redesign so I will be working on that while shooting for KSTV. Unfortunately the slideshows on older posts have been disabled by flickr. You can find all of my work in my gallery.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Treat

Trick-or-treating usually begins as it is getting dark and runs from 6-8pm in our city. This year the time was changed to accommodate the UK football game and an additional hour was added beginning at 5pm. This worked out great for the little ones. They tired out just as the sun was beginning to set.

I mentioned how beautiful sunrises are here in central Kentucky in November and the winter months. Well the sunsets can be even more spectacular. I know we were a day short of November, but this sunset was one of the most amazing I have seen in a long time. At the far end of our street, I noticed a warm, hazy glow starting to fall around us as we walked.

As we turned toward home, the clouds were starting to glow. They were very low in the sky and the cloud formations were incredible. By the time we got back to our end of the street, the sky was almost other-worldly.

Flickr friend and fellow photographer Rebecca Higgins also captured some fantastic images of the Halloween sunset. I am always inspired by her work!


What a Halloween treat!


Quilt Works said...

Wow, those are some colors! Incredible! Do you use any kind of filter do you use to the great sunsets?

Regina (Lexi) said...

Thank you. I do not use a filter unless I forget and have my polarizer on. I often use an action called gentle boost on about 30% opacity and maybe a little "glow" at about 10% to darken the silhouettes. When I had my point & shoot, it had a sunset setting that I did often use on many of my older sunset images.

Pam of Always Artistic said...

WOW Gorgeous! Your friends pictures are beautiful too!

Penny said...

Lexi... the colors are STUNNING!!!! Oh, I miss color. Don't know if I've ever seen such color in the sky before. Very little color this fall for us here in MI. I may have to look to the sky for some color! Great inspiration! Love your shots and of course, your creations below.


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